Rubber Expansion Joint with Rubber Flange



Expansion Joints are used for compensation of pipeline movements and vibrations. Similar to a tyre it has layers of high-quality elastomers reinforced with steel wires and tyre cord nylon. The inner layer forms a tube that extends through the inside of the joint, and across the face of the end flanges. This layer is chemically compatible with regards to its abrasion resistance and temperature rating to the process material. The middle layer of the joint contains tyre cord nylon reinforcement that gives the joint its form and pressure rating, with wires used for added strength.

The outer layer is environment compatible which allows the joint to stand up to contacts with oils, corrosion and weathering. We can provide rubber flange on both sides of the expansion joint.

Features :

  • We can manufacture Rubber Expansion Joints with Nominal diameter upto 1500 mm
  • Test pressure upto 25 kg/cm2
  • Manufactured in single or multiple arches