Food Grade Rubber Hose



Food grade rubber hoses are used for transport of edible food items. As the name suggest they are used specifically for transport of consumable food products like dairy products, edible oils, wines, liquors, soft drinks, pharmaceutical, mineral water or any other liquid food item. These are especially designed so that food quality is maintained. These hoses are usually white in colour. They can be made from natural or synthetic rubber. Food grade rubber hoses are free from any odour or toxic material, air blisters or porosity. They can also be made available with or without braiding.

Application :

  • Dairy Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Flexible
  • Different End Connections like Flanges, SMS Union etc
  • Sturdy
  • Can sustain High Pressure
  • Can be used for Milk Transfer
  • Can be used for Edible Oil Transfer