PTFE Hose with SS Braiding



PTFE Hose is a tube with inner PTFE lining and outer stainless steel cover. The outer covering helps in increasing the pressure withstanding capacity of pipe. They were earlier used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
The major advantages of these hoses are that they are resistant to corrosion and even resistant to heat and cold. These hoses are also resistant to ultraviolet light and ozone. They are even resistant to water. They are absent from any toxin and have high purity. They have high durability. They also do not react to any chemical, hence do not change the quality of product. These pipes are antistatic and they resist shock and vibrations.

Application :

  • Oil and Gas Refineries
  • Steel Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Automotive Industries
  • Ports and Shipyards


  • Smooth bore PTFE Hose are used in applications where the media to be passed is such that it gets stuck in Hose
  • PTFE Lining can also be done inside Hose where Internal diameter is big
  • PTFE convoluted Hoses are used for loading or unloading of material where higher flexibility is required
  • Anti Corrosive in nature
  • High Temperature resistance